We are a certified member of ADIA

We are a certified member of ADIA – The Automatic Door Installation Association, hold the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard accreditation.We specialise in Shutters, Front Shop Installation, Automatic Doors, Roller Shutters, Awnings & Canoes, Signage, Maintenance & Repairs.
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    Punch Hole Shutters

    Stunning Shop Fitters provides a range of high-security punched roller shutters tailored for your business premises. Our punch hole shutters are reliable and secure; they help protect your property while offering high visibility. We install a range of punch-hole security roller shutters so that you may protect your premises while still maintaining a high level of visibility. Because of its visibility, punched roller shutters are an ideal choice for commercial businesses and retail sites. We also provide punched roller shutter repairs in London and help you with your shutter-related issues.

    We offer both manual and electric shutters that you can choose from at your convenience and according to your business requirements. We offer adaptable shutters that can adapt manual or electric control. Manual shutters are used by storefronts that require smaller shutters, whereas electrically operated shutters are used for bigger storefront shutters. An electric-based shutter uses a remote or key switch to function and is powered by a tubular motor. It helps eliminate the health and safety concerns associated with manual operation of shutters and is easy to use.

    Why Choose Our Punch Hole Shutter?

    Similar to perforated roller shutters, punch hole shutters are also an ideal solution to not only provide and enhance the security of your business premises but also elevate its aesthetic appeal. Contact us for affordable punched roller installation in London. Our shutters have multiple benefits and features that help create a secure barrier between your shop and intruders.

    Key Features and Benefits

    • Design: There are various types of designs that you can choose for your storefront. The punch holes create visually appealing designs, making it beautiful to look at. It enhances security and transforms the look of your storefront. 
    • Enhance Security: The security of the place can be increased with our punch-hole shutters, which are made of high-quality, robust material. They not only increase the security of your business premises but also elevate its look. It provides protection against theft, damage, and forced entry. Increase the security of your storefront with our affordable punched roller shutter installation in London
    • Visibility: Punch Hole Shutters enhance the visibility of the storefront and make your merchandise visible to potential clients. It not only provides visibility but also helps attract clients when the store is closed. 
    • Durable: Our punched-hole shutters are durable and long-lasting. They are made from robust material that helps them withstand harsh weather and stand the test of time. It provides great return on investment and long-term benefits. 
    • Easy Installation: We provide services without disrupting much of your business hours. Our team of experts has years of experience installing these shutters with minimal downtime. We also offer punched roller shutter repairs in London.
    • Weather Resistance: The shutters can resist extreme weather and stay functional during such weather. We aim to reduce your inconvenience and provide solutions that are easy to use and have hassle-free installation and repairs.

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    For affordable punched roller shutter installation in London, contact Stunning Shop Fitters. If you want to know more about our punched roller shutter security options, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can install reliable, secure and robust metal shutters to protect your premises against theft and damage.