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We are a certified member of ADIA – The Automatic Door Installation Association, hold the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard accreditation.
We specialise in Shutters, Front Shop Installation, Automatic Doors, Roller Shutters, Awnings & Canoes, Signage, Maintenance & Repairs.

Awnings & Canoes

Awnings for high street retail shops are used for many reasons. Protection of the displays and control of summertime heat and sunshine through to providing an outside area for customers with a pleasant atmosphere created and protect from the sun and rainfall.

Most shop awnings are required to be retractable and there are options on how this is achieved with either a fabric cover extended and retracted using a rolling barrel and extendable arms or a ‘drop arm’ type awning where the fabric is again rolled in and out on a barrel, but the arms literally drop down form a vertical position to a horizontal position. This type of awning is a far more traditional type of awning as used in London and other cities and often referred to as a ‘Victorian shop blind’.

A perfect solution for a basic level of weather protection over a busy high street shop where protection against sunlight is essential but also against rainfall for customers to continue browsing the delights of the window display.